6 Great Cities to Visit on Your 2023 NBA Tour 

6 Great Cities to Visit on Your 2023 NBA Tour 

When it comes to iconic NBA cities and landmarks, there’s no shortage of them throughout the United States. However, there are some cities that truly stand out because of their history, destinations, or overall charm.

On our 2023 NBA tours, the team from NBATrips makes it a mission to provide you with the best experience on and off the court. That’s why here we’ve collected some of the best cities to visit next time you come stateside to see the action!

1. New Orleans: Pelicans

Home of the Pelicans, not to mention one of the oldest cities in the United States, New Orleans is one of the original melting pots of America, boasting a mix of French, European, African, and American cultures. All mixing to create a memorable city you’re sure not to forget. While not watching the Pelicans flit about the competition on the court, there are a host of things to do. The arena where the Pelicans play is a stone’s throw away from the famous French Quarter, so that’s a must-see, as well as taking a spooky tour of the city’s famous cemeteries or a ghost tour. You can also visit the World War II Museum, and the numerous historic bars and restaurants throughout the city. Eat some gulf oysters or try an authentic crawdad boil!

2. Philadelphi: 76ers

Wells Fargo Center where the 76ers play is located in the heart of Philly and in addition to having great bars and restaurants, it’s a true gem of history. From the city, you can make a short drive to see Gettysburg and other landmarks. For those that want to see a different side of things, a trip to the Poconos offers unmatched bucolic beauty. 

Also, don’t forget to at least visit the famous Liberty Bell, said to have started it all! 

3. Miami: Heat

Home to the famous Miami Heat, this city in the heart of the south is, much like New Orleans, a melting pot of different cultures from Cuban to Spanish, and the cuisine and overall feel of the city certainly reflect that. In Miami, you’ll find not only beautiful beaches, boutiques, and restaurants, but the American Airlines Arena is also location with along Biscayne Bay and boasts a gorgeous view to take in between games. 

4. Denver: Nuggets

Denver is certainly a nugget of a city at any time of the year, whether it’s covered in snow or sunshine. In addition to taking in the on-court action, there’s no shortage of Denver attractions to see, like the modern Denver Art Museum. Going on one of the city’s famous gold tours is another great recommendation. 

Also, don’t forget to stop by one of Denver’s food and beverage districts to sample some of their famous microbreweries. 

5. San Francisco: Golden State Warriors

Another gold state throwback from the Old West days, San Francisco has certainly changed since Gold Rush times. Not only is it one of the most sophisticated and modern cities in America but still boasts some of that classic charm that’s made it a favorite of locals and tourists alike. A few things to do include taking a tour of the Golden Gate Bridge, visiting the world-famous Alcatraz Museum, hitting Chinatown for lunch or dinner, and winding your way up along Lombard Street to view San Francisco from the highest point in the city. 

6. Los Angeles: Lakers

Last but certainly not least is the City of Angels, Los Angeles. The city is firmly cemented in the annals of basketball history, being one-time home to numerous greats like Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It also boasts a host of unique sights and sounds for those looking for adventure in between games like the Santa Monica pier at sunset, or touring Paramount Studios and heading to Hollywood for a photo opportunity at the famous Walk of Fame and TCL Chinese Theatre. 

Also, for more adventurous eaters, L.A. boasts some of the best cuisines from around the world. Take a trip to sample some spicy Indian fare from Bhooke on Artesia’s Pioneer Boulevard, or try a taste of New York in L.A. at Dante Beverly Hills, located on the roof of the city’s luxurious Maybourne Beverly Hills Hotel. 

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