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Every experience with NBATrips is a slam dunk, and our Chicago Bulls Tour is no exception! We make every one of our exclusive trips a once-in-a-lifetime event you’ll never forget. Visit the famous United Center, where Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman would go on to three-peat as NBA Champions (the Bulls’ second three-peat of the 90’s)!

At NBATrips, we craft a unique and personal experience for all our tour groups that’s action-packed. Our trips are fun for family, friends, and work colleagues alike, and always include something special. When you book with us you don’t have to lift a finger: we take care of tickets, hotel bookings, and much more so you can sit by the sidelines and watch the game.

Chicago Bulls Tour Highlights

We mentioned surprises! Not only do we have a ton of free giveaways like hats and T-shirts, but our Chicago Bulls Tour fans can also take their pick from a number of life-changing experiences including:

Meeting Famous Team Members

Singing the National Anthem Courtside

Throwing Passes with the Team

Playing Five-on-Five on the Court

& Much More

Explore The Windy City

If you’re wondering what to do in between games, the crew from NBATrips likes to pamper you a bit, so you can expect luxury suites stocked with all your favorite food and beverages. Additionally, there are loads of places to explore around the United Center like experiencing a true, Chicago deep-dish pizza at Pizza City USA, or the Cloud Gate sculpture in Millennium Park. And for art and history buffs, there’s no shortage of museums and exhibitions to visit.

When it comes to the planning process, we take care of all the heavy lifting, leaving you ample time to enjoy yourself with your group. That’s why all of the fans that have come with us are always willing to give us raving reviews:

At NBATrips, we craft a unique experience that you simply can’t find anywhere else:

אלעד לוי

“Ido Gur, the guru of NBA fans in Israel, announces a trip to the USA that includes a powerful experience of NBA games, with all the biggest stars. What else can you ask for?... I have had many experiences in my life, but I have no doubt that this was the biggest and most powerful of all, for the reason that it was simply a dream come true!”

Follow the Chicago Bulls on your own personalized tour by contacting us today!

If you want to follow the Chicago Bulls and experience the pinnacle of NBA fandom, we’ll be right along with you to make it happen, so

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