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Elad Levy

Midlife, Wife, job, kids, another girl on the way, and then it happens. out of nowhere. Ido Gur, the guru of NBA fans in Israel, announces a trip to the USA that includes a powerful experience of NBA games, with all the biggest stars. What else can you ask for? The trip was a month away, and I didn’t even have a visa, but Within two weeks I already had a visa in my hand, a pass from the woman, and… let’s get on the flight. From there, two weeks of intoxication. Star Trek, and along the way a game that will also be the final series that same year. And everything with commentary and professional explanations at the highest level, almost like on TV, only with a much more personal attitude. In conclusion – I have had many experiences in my life, but I have no doubt that this was the biggest and most powerful of all, for the reason that it was simply a dream come true! so thank you NBATrips, thank you for making my dream come true!!

Evelyne Corcos

For a diehard NBA fan as myself, I had one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life with a group of people organized by NBATrips. We watched four games in three different cities. Our group was amazing and diverse. Fans of all ages, each one is “crazy” about the game like me. I met organizers who gave their heart and soul and with the highest level of professionalism. First class hotels, great seats, the best games, we had everything including care and attention to every little detail. Looking forward to the next trip. Thanks NBATrips!

Bar Gozovsky

This trip is a once in a lifetime experience. The group had an amazing atmosphere, full of laughter and the people were good and nice. We played basketball on the beach, in the games we upgraded the tickets and sat on the courtside, we went up to the floor to throw a free throw which was the most fun experience for me. We slept in a hotel near the Crypto.com arena and met NBA players there and took pictures with them. I recommend everyone to join all this fun. It was an unbelievable and unforgettable bar mitzvah trip!

Einat Peleg

I’m not even a sports fan. My son, Assaf was supposed to join the first trip of NBATrips but due to Covid regulations he missed the flight. Immediately after Ido Gur returned to Israel, he came especially to meet Assaf and brought him a pretty amazing gift. There and then I made a decision that my son would not miss the next trip. A few months later, Assaf and his brother Roey made reservations. I wasn’t supposed to come to the trip but I decided to surprise both of my sons after Asi pressured me. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever had if not the best one!!! As someone who doesn’t understand the NBA I absorbed a lot of knowledge and had amazing experiences. Asi, Ido, and Richard were the best. Thank you so much for giving me the privilege to take part in this experience. With much love, Einat Peleg joined by Roey and Assaf.f.

Ouriel Rybsky

At first I was afraid to go on an organized trip because I didn’t know how it would be and how the people and everything would be, but already on the first day I realized that I had made the right choice. The trip, led by Ido and Asi, was undoubtedly one of the best trips and experiences I’ve had so far. They are all amazing people, with a vibe. The team that Ido and Asi put together was really a great team which was the best part of the trip. The games we saw were on a completely different level – especially the performance of LeBron James who scored 56 points against Golden State in a game I will never forget. LeBron probably won’t forget it either because it’s the third highest number of points he scored in his career and we were there to see it up close. In general – everything including everything (the activities, the hotels, the transportation, the bus) was at a very, very high level – much higher than I thought and I undoubtedly recommend the trip to every basketball fan and am waiting with a trillion eyes for my second round.

Ami Lin

In the month of March 2022, I set out with you on a magical journey on the West Coast, which for me was a kind of dream. The trip was prepared and organized in a professional and masterly manner by the company. The schedule was indeed tight, but everything worked and ticked very efficiently. We were privileged to stay in first class hotels and travel in a luxurious bus. We toured Los Angeles, tasted stardust, and had a great time in Venice Beach where we played on the legendary basketball court. When we went north, the beaches of California really amazed us and the highlight, of course, was the wonderful city – San Francisco. But the main focus was basketball. It is impossible to describe in words the intensity of the experience of watching very closely LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Luka Doncic and of course Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. This is something that not everyone gets. For me the highlight was sitting in the new and magnificent hall of the Golden State Warriors. Before that, we made a mandatory visit to the group’s store, which is an experience in itself. The professional Ido Gur was responsible for the basketball side. Always kindly, with an eternal smile and endless patience. These qualities made a decisive and important contribution to the success of the trip. Highly recommend to any basketball fan in general and NBA in particular to join such a journey. Rise and succeed, Ami Lin, Haifa.


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