The trip plan / the number of days on the trip

The trip and route as published by NBATrips requires the company, However, there may be changes in determining the trip’s route and number of days as seen in the company’s publications. NBATrips is not responsible for weather phenomena (earthquakes, floods, fog, storms, plague/volcano eruptions, snow, etc.) and/or any other circumstances (such as power outages and local riots) that are beyond NBATrips’ control that may cause any change or cancellation of the route or in the reserved services. It will be clarified that, in the event of a flight cancellation due to these phenomena, the expenses incurred by the passengers as a result will apply only to the passengers and not to NBATrips.

The itinerary and its details are an integral part of these regulations.

The definition of guided tours refers to guided tours unless otherwise specified.

It is very important to note that the day of departure and the day of return is included in the calculation that includes the total number of days of the trip, although it is possible that the flights will depart in the evening, which will make it seem like a day of travel is interrupted or, alternatively, early in the morning. NBATrips has no control related to the flight hours (see the flights section), therefore no refunds will be given due to such flight hours (the real and correct calculation is the nights spent on the trip).

During holidays and festivals, Jewish, Christian, Muslim or of another religion and culture, certain sites may be closed both with prior notice and without such notice. If possible, the company will provide an alternative to a closed website with an alternative website or other activity.


Participation in the trip and the composition of the participants

The departure of the trip is conditional on a minimum number of participants as detailed in each trip.

NBATrips does not commit to a maximum number of participants, unless otherwise stated.

NBATrips has the right to terminate a passenger’s participation in the trip who, according to the guide and/or the group, causes disruption to the regular course of the trip. expense, the return of the traveler will be offset from the total amount that will be calculated for the purpose of refunding payment for unused services.

The composition and age of the participants is not limited in registration for the general public. It is not possible to ensure that data provided at a certain time will not change afterwards and therefore claims on this subject of age or vehicle cannot be taken into account.

It is the traveler’s responsibility to inform the company of any medical problem or physical difficulty that could be a problem or an obstacle to the proper conduct of the trip.


General (documents / insurance / visas…)

  1. It is the passenger’s responsibility to check his/her documents if they are valid, an Israeli passport is valid for at least six months from the date of departure for the trip and entry into the destination country, the need for an entry visa (visa), vaccinations and medical condition, the travel documents provided by NBATrips, flight tickets, summons form with details of exact arrival time and meeting place with the group guide if and when.
  2. It is also necessary to take care of an appropriate passenger health and luggage policy, it is the responsibility of the traveler/passenger to take care of insurance. It is the responsibility of the traveler/passenger to purchase an appropriate insurance policy that covers a variety of activities on the itinerary he purchased (make sure that the insurance policy covers the activities listed on the itinerary).
  3. It is recommended to include an air flight section in case of emergency. NBATrips is not responsible for trip cancellation and/or shortening due to a medical condition of the traveler or a close family member.
  4. Travelers traveling on foreign and non-Israeli passports are obliged to send a separate written notice to NBATrips and the travelers with foreign passports are responsible for checking the conditions of entry into the country to which they are traveling with the appropriate authorities (it should be emphasized that there is a high probability that the destination countries require from holders of foreign passports an entry visa adapted to the destination country and a foreign passport holder who does not make the necessary checks and adjustments – may not to enter the country).
  5. The sales representatives are not authorized to provide information unless it is given in writing to the traveler in an official document signed by NBATrips
  6. There are websites that cannot be visited without a suitable visa/permit.



The information provided in these regulations and other publications by NBATrips is a reference to the commitment according to which the product was purchased. NBATrips has no ability to be responsible for unqualified or unverified information provided that contradicts this data or related data, unless it is backed up in writing.

In the event of a dispute and/or disagreement and/or lawsuit between the parties, the court will be in Washington DC alone as the exclusive local jurisdiction to hear any dispute and/or claim.


Cancellation fees

Any cancellation will be charged a cancellation fee at the rate of the total price of the transaction (hereinafter – the “transaction price”) and/or in the amounts below, depending on the cancellation date:

Cancellation up to 22 working days before the day the service subject to the transaction begins to be provided to the customer (hereinafter – “departure day”) – $500 per person.

Cancellation between 21 working days before the day of departure and 15 working days before the day of departure – 50% (fifty percent) of the transaction price.

Cancellation between 14 working days before the day of departure and 8 working days before the day of departure – 75% (seventy five percent) of the transaction price.

Cancellation up to 7 working days before the day of departure – 100% (one hundred percent) of the transaction price.





Initiated cancellation of a trip byNBATrips due mainly to a small number of registrants will be allowed up to 7 days before departure without any claim and/or claim by the traveler. A cash transaction will be returned to the traveler immediately at the moment of the cancellation decision. Credit transactions will be refunded according to the conduct of the credit companies.


Cancellation by the passenger

  1. In any case of cancellation of the trip by the traveler for any reason and at any time, expenses incurred for the issuance of visas and/or the purchase of certain services purchased in advance for the traveler and with his consent will not be refunded and it is not possible to receive a refund for them.
  2. NBATrips is entitled to deduct any amount paid by the traveler according to the above.
  3. NBATrips will charge the amount from the credit card if the traveler owes an amount of money according to the trip plan the traveler signed up for.
  4. NBATrips will be entitled to notify each traveler in writing, after he has contracted to purchase a trip from the company, of special cancellation conditions that apply before and during holidays or in any unusual matter.
  5. Failure to obtain a visa/entry permit to the country is not grounds for cancellation and does not entitle the consumer to a refund.

The organized trip consists of a number of services and among them – flight services that start and end in Israel and tourism services such as: hotels, entrances to sites, transportation which all start outside the country and end outside the country.
The cancellation fees applicable to services that begin and end outside the country are within the terms of the various providers in the destination countries.
The flight service that begins in Israel and ends in Israel is the only service that can be applied within the framework of Israeli law.
The cancellation fee component written in this section is divided into approximately 25% which constitute the service that begins and ends in the State of Israel while the other cancellation fees which constitute approximately 75% of the total cancellation fee refer to the services that begin and end outside the country.
Therefore, if there is a cancellation and a refund, it is relevant only to services provided in Israel and not to services provided outside of Israel.
In your online purchase, you choose, agree and accept the cancellation conditions that apply to suppliers abroad according to the possibility of canceling a transaction according to the above conditions.

According to the law (Amendment 58 to the Consumer Protection Law) there is a possibility to choose between 2 paths of canceling the deal:

First route: The default, based on the cancellation fees as written in each travel plan and they are valid if the traveler has not indicated otherwise.


Second route: Allows the customer to cancel according to the Consumer Protection Law, but the condition is an additional cost of 10% of the transaction price.

The customer must inform the company in writing NBATrips at the time of making the transaction and receiving repeated written confirmation from the company.

In addition, the customer must pay the full amount of the transaction when placing the order in order to comply with this condition.

Corona regulations:

It will be clarified that an organized trip under the Corona policy takes place as long as the destination country receives tourists from Israel and as long as the flight departs as scheduled. It should be emphasized that if the destination country turns red but it is possible to reach and travel there, the trip will take place as usual. Conduct in the destination country is subject to the law applicable there only and in accordance with the decision of the local authorities and the passenger’s duty to act accordingly. There may be changes in the itinerary before and/or after leaving Israel and even a waiver of the sites written in the itinerary without prior knowledge and without the need for the traveler’s consent as long as the reason for the itinerary change stems from the instructions of the local authorities. In the shadow of the corona virus, the reason for changing the route or turning the country red is not a reason for cancellation and any cancellation by the passenger will incur a cancellation fee as written in the itinerary. The passenger has the duty and responsibility to purchase a comprehensive insurance policy that includes a Corona section that also insures cancellation fees for any reason

Due to the corona situation, in accordance with the frequent changes in entry to each and every country, it is the responsibility of the traveler who registers for the trip to check the entry conditions for each country on the official website of each country he intends to enter on the trip and this as long as he stayed in the 2 months prior to the departure of the trip in a country other than the State of Israel.

Before registering for the trip, the traveler must check the conditions of entry into the country on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the website of the Ministry of Health and the website of the airport Authority:




It is also recommended to check in advance the terms of an insurance policy that covers the traveler with medical insurance including the corona virus, including cancellation fees. It will be clarified that if a traveler feels corona symptoms during the trip, it is his sole responsibility to evacuate for a corona test and self-isolate until the results of the test. Only the traveler or the insurance company will bear the associated expenses. The traveler understands that the tour guide and/or the trip itself must continue and the traveler’s relationship from that moment on will be with his insurance company. For general information and documents that must be brought to the airport, contact the Ministry of Health. Orderly information will be provided by the company in the personal area.

It will be clarified that the Corona guidelines change from time to time and the traveler must keep up to date and act in accordance with the guidelines valid at the time of the flight.

Please note that on all Austrian Airlines flights to and from Vienna, it is mandatory to wear face masks N95/KN95 only (no filter). It is not possible to wear surgical masks (disposable) or cloth masks on these flights. A traveler who arrives without a mask will not be allowed to board the flight and will be charged a cancellation fee as written in the marketing plan.



Prices include:


The flights are carried out by scheduled airlines unless otherwise indicated (for example, charter flights) in most cases directly (but not always). In exceptional situations or due to other impossibility, there are situations of intermediate landings or even a change of plane. There may be exceptional cases where the airline carries out overbooking (even without the knowledge of the organizing company), which is allowed according to the regulations and laws of the International Airline Association (IATA). In these exceptional cases, NBATrips will make every effort to keep damage to a minimum, if any.

NBATrips is not responsible for delays in aircraft takeoffs and landings as well as flight cancellations. These are the responsibility of the airlines.

NBATrips is not responsible for changing airlines, for aircraft leases and is not responsible for updating this in advance.

Getting to flights during the trip is the sole responsibility of the traveler. Any delay due to a personal reason may lead to missed flight and automatic cancellation of onward flights by the airline. In this situation, it is possible that the traveler will be required to purchase new flight tickets at his own expense.

Non-group flight: NBATrips will make an effort to allow those who wish to return without the group (up to 10% of travelers in the group) to find flights on the days requested by the traveler requesting it. There is no guarantee that NBATrips will succeed and the company does not guarantee in advance that this will be possible. There will be an increase in the price of the flights due to this requested exception, the NBATrips increase will be added to the price of the trip. Regardless, NBATrips will charge a handling fee of $50 which will be in addition to a possible change in the flight prices resulting from the request for a change. There is no possibility of an individual departure exception before the departure of the trip.

Travelers in groups purchase tickets according to criteria that refer to groups and not to individuals. If there is a deviation from this group framework when leaving or returning from abroad, this will involve an additional expense of $50 involved in handling it regardless of the cost difference resulting from the change in the group component of the ticket price or from the change itself in the destination/length of stay within the known flight rates, these will be charged as the case may be the specific.

If the luggage was lost during the flights, this is not the responsibility of NBATrips, but the traveler must declare this at the airport. It should be noted that if he did not do so, the airline will not have any direct or indirect responsibility for this loss. That’s why it’s important to go to the LOST AND FOUND stand on the spot, and declare it.

It is not possible to choose seats on the plane as part of a group ticket in advance. Unlike an individual ticket, where the agent can choose seats in many cases, in groups it is not possible .NBATrips cannot guarantee in advance benefits on group flight tickets (frequent flyer points, bonuses, etc.) offered by the airlines to different destinations. It is the traveler’s responsibility to check in advance the possibility of receiving benefits regarding a specific trip.



NBATrips is not responsible for the day-to-day operation of the hotel and/or the normality of the facilities in the hotel, including the normality of its systems, the existence and operating hours of the air conditioning systems, changing the bed linen in the rooms, heating the bath water, arranging the rooms in the hotel, etc. NBATrips undertakes to make the reservation skillfully, to provide the service providers with the information relevant to the transaction and to verify that the reservation is suitable for the request, however it will not be responsible for unexpected disruptions and/or malfunctions that are not under its control and it has no possibility to commit to the existence of air conditioning in the rooms, a view, a double bed and the like.

The hotels offered in tours/vacations/packages are defined as first class (4 stars) good tourism class (3 stars) according to ratings of the countries visited and not according to Israeli criteria. NBATrips cannot guarantee the location of hotels in cities. There may be cases where the hotels the group will stay in will be outside the cities or in nearby cities (this is especially true during exhibition periods/special events). This does not change the essence of the trip and its contents. In this case, the bus will be available to NBATrips in the evening hours to carry out the promised program (for the consideration of the group guide in the organized trip).

In the double rooms, the beds can be double or 2 separate beds. In special cases, there may be double rooms where the bed is a combi (allowing accommodation for 2 people in the room). A single traveler will receive a roommate (of the same sex) and claims of incompatibility (age, smoking, etc.) will not be accepted. Those interested will be able to stay in a separate room (single room) for an additional fee.

It is the responsibility of roommates to check the degree of suitability before registering for the trip and signing a partner’s approval.

When booking a room for three, especially in hotels of good or first class tourism, there is a probability that an extra bed will be put in the room without the room being adapted for the accommodation of three. It is not possible to guarantee a large room and comfort in advance (you have to take into account that the room will be crowded).

The official departure from the rooms in any case before 12:00 and the entry into the rooms in any case not before 14:00. The needs of the hotel must be taken into account in cleaning the rooms and preparing them to receive new passengers.

A list of hotels will be provided to travelers before their departure. There may be last minute changes even after leaving the country. If so NBATrips will try to maintain the level and accommodation area closest to the original.

The rooms for the group are on a basis RUN ON HOUSE means not everyone is the same and similar. There may be different levels according to the occupancy status of the rooms in the hotel. There will be travelers who will receive different types and levels of rooms.



Tickets to stadiums that include concerts or games.

The company cannot guarantee seating in groups or the location of seats.



NBATrips does not provide porterage services, whether paid or unpaid, on any of its trips unless specifically stated otherwise.

In itineraries that include porters, the reference is to porters in hotels and before entering hotel rooms.

The porterage may take a long time and not be given immediately upon arrival but within a reasonable time.

There are cases where porters may not be provided due to the unavailability of the porter at the hotels – these cases are rare, but if they do occur they usually occur in remote locations where the hotel is forced to take irregular porters or upon late arrival due to the lengthening of the day of travel and arrival when the porter has already left the hotel.


The bus that will be available to the group will be a modern and special air-conditioned bus for tourists in accordance with the published program. A driver’s working day is based on 8 hours. It is not the driver’s duty to make trips beyond what is listed in the trip plan during the time defined as free, free or possibility. Activity during these times will be done at the initiative of the group guide with the consent of the driver and at a financial cost that will be provided to the travelers.

An air-conditioned bus, meaning the air conditioner that works under reasonable conditions and at a well-known and well-known power in the country of tourism. The company cannot guarantee that the air conditioning will work fully in heat conditions that are unreasonable for the country of tourism.



Meals are not included in by NBATrips unless otherwise noted.


group guide

This is the main person on the trip who serves as a guide and an organization person responsible for everything related to the group during the stay abroad and serves as a representative of NBATrips for everything and anything. He is the man for any problem or issue that arises during the trip.

There may be a case where the group guide will meet the group upon arrival at the first airport abroad or will leave the group on the last day abroad and not return to Israel.

The tip for the Israeli group guide is not included in the payment and is at the discretion of each passenger at the end of the trip directly in front of the guide.

NBATrips does not commit to a specific guide placement and is entitled to change the guide placement at any time. Not every trip will have a group guide.


The trip prices do not include:

As detailed in the plan for each specific trip.

  1. Addition to a single room.
  2. The cost of issuing an entry visa for trips where this is necessary.
  3. Documents: issuing a passport and/or extending its validity. The passport must be valid for six months from the date of departure. The traveler must ensure that his passport has at least 3 consecutive blank pages for signatures at the various crossings. A traveler whose passport does not have three blank pages will not be able to board the plane at the airport in Israel. At destinations where an entry visa is required, make sure you arrive with a passport that has 5 consecutive blank pages. It is hereby clarified that NBATrips is not responsible for the entry visa, its acceptance/non-acceptance, and is an intermediary between the traveler and the consulate or whoever is responsible for issuing the visa.
  4. Fuel updates and port taxes.
  5. Insurance and personal expenses: medical travel insurance and standard or extended luggage as well as medical flight. It is recommended to take out insurance already at the time of registration as a cover for high cancellation fees (of course according to the terms of the policy). For trips that include sports, an addendum must be made to the policy that will also cover this activity and it is the traveler’s responsibility to verify if there is an activity defined as such in the trip plan.
  6. If damage occurs to the hotel room or the bus due to the passenger’s negligence and if the service provider, such as the hotel or the bus company, will demand the cost of the repair for this, the traveler undertakes to pay this amount directly to the hotel or the service provider, or if he does not pay it, it will be charged by NBATrips from the traveler and will transfer the funds directly to the service provider according to the cost required by the service provider.

Upgrades and additions:

Payment for upgrades and additions will be made only after a written agreement with the company.


General Information:

You are requested to enter the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to be updated with information on travel alerts to the extent that there are any for your destination country. Click here

We recommend contacting the district health bureaus at the phone numbers: *5400 or 08-6241010 or 03-5634848

And also on the website of the Ministry of Health: Click here <-

As of today and as far as NBATrips is aware, in the State of Israel it is not possible to purchase an insurance policy that covers damages from road accidents.

The traveler is aware and understands that there is no insurance coverage for NBATrips regarding damages caused as a direct or indirect result of road accidents abroad.

Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the passengers to purchase a personal travel insurance policy that covers any damage that may be caused to the traveler as a direct or indirect result of a traffic accident.