A valid passport, a valid US entry visa and a vaccination certificate that includes two vaccinations. pay attention! A passenger who is defined as sick and has also received one dose of vaccine cannot enter the USA! Only passengers who have had at least two vaccinations will be allowed to enter.

Yes. The quoted price is per person in a double room. If you arrive alone, there are two options: 1. The NBATrips will accommodate you with another person who arrives alone and you will share a room. 2. There is an option to upgrade to a single room with an additional cost.

The minimum age to join unaccompanied by an adult is 17. On previous trips we had fathers and sons, small groups of friends and quite a few individuals including women. there is no age range when it comes to NBA fans. We all have the same common love and passion for the game which creates a strong bond and connection between the participants of the trip.

No. Meals are not included. The package includes hotels, flights, game tickets, transportation within the US, entry to Disneyland park and other group activities.

In NBA arenas there are three seating areas in terms of heights: 1,2,3. Those who join the trip will sit in certain games in zone 1 and in other games in zone 2. It is possible to upgrade each seat individually for an additional fee.

Watching the players warm up from the first rows, free throw shot on the floor, photos on the floor at the end of the games and other unique activities that vary from trip to trip.

Every traveler is obliged to take out medical insurance abroad and in addition, insurance that covers any medical reason that may prevent the trip such as infection with corona. In this case the insurance company will return most of the amount and in most cases all of it to the passenger.

Medical insurance for the USA + pre-trip medical insurance costs around 100 dollars plus or minus for the entire trip period.