When I first heard about the trip, it was clear to me that it was going to join. After a few days of deliberation (which mainly concerned the organization of my schedule at short notice, it is well known that a working mother is the busiest creature in the world) and several conversations with Ido, who from the beginning proved to be patient and attentive, I decided to go for it. To summarize in a few words, it was a dream come true. And to summarize in a few sentences, it was a one-time experience that included a visit to the main cities on the East Coast at the most magical time of the year, amazing games in legendary halls, pampering conditions, a successful balance between group activities and free time, and above all an amazing group of people who share a common love and experience together as closely as possible This league we love so much. Ido and Asi did everything to make our experience perfect even when reality tried to intervene (Omicron, Corona protocol, postponement of games, what not) they managed to find creative solutions and get the best out of everything. This trip was the best gift I could give myself.