At first I was afraid to go on an organized trip because I didn’t know how it would be and how the people and everything would be, but already on the first day I realized that I had made the right choice. The trip, led by Ido and Asi, was undoubtedly one of the best trips and experiences I’ve had so far. They are all amazing people, with a vibe. The team that Ido and Asi put together was really a great team which was the best part of the trip. The games we saw were on a completely different level – especially the performance of LeBron James who scored 56 points against Golden State in a game I will never forget. LeBron probably won’t forget it either because it’s the third highest number of points he scored in his career and we were there to see it up close. In general – everything including everything (the activities, the hotels, the transportation, the bus) was at a very, very high level – much higher than I thought and I undoubtedly recommend the trip to every basketball fan and am waiting with a trillion eyes for my second round.