Midlife, Wife, job, kids, another girl on the way, and then it happens. out of nowhere. Ido Gur, the guru of NBA fans in Israel, announces a trip to the USA that includes a powerful experience of NBA games, with all the biggest stars. What else can you ask for? The trip was a month away, and I didn’t even have a visa, but Within two weeks I already had a visa in my hand, a pass from the woman, and… let’s get on the flight. From there, two weeks of intoxication. Star Trek, and along the way a game that will also be the final series that same year. And everything with commentary and professional explanations at the highest level, almost like on TV, only with a much more personal attitude. In conclusion – I have had many experiences in my life, but I have no doubt that this was the biggest and most powerful of all, for the reason that it was simply a dream come true! so thank you NBATrips, thank you for making my dream come true!!