I’m not even a sports fan. My son, Assaf was supposed to join the first trip of NBATrips but due to Covid regulations he missed the flight. Immediately after Ido Gur returned to Israel, he came especially to meet Assaf and brought him a pretty amazing gift. There and then I made a decision that my son would not miss the next trip. A few months later, Assaf and his brother Roey made reservations. I wasn’t supposed to come to the trip but I decided to surprise both of my sons after Asi pressured me. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever had if not the best one!!! As someone who doesn’t understand the NBA I absorbed a lot of knowledge and had amazing experiences. Asi, Ido, and Richard were the best. Thank you so much for giving me the privilege to take part in this experience. With much love, Einat Peleg joined by Roey and Assaf.f.