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An Expert’s Guide for Choosing the Best NBA Seats

|   September 20, 2023
|   20.09.2023

When it comes to choosing the best seats for your next NBA game unless you know the arena intimately, getting a perfect view can often be difficult. But not to worry! The team from NBATrips specializes in NBA trips for groups that always have the best seats in the house. 

Here we’ve collected some top tips for choosing the best seating arrangements for your next big game! 

Courtside Action 

If you want to get up close and personal with your favorite NBA players, there’s nothing quite like sitting courtside to get into the action. It’s so close to the game you can almost reach out and touch the players and such seats often come with special amenities, like exclusive food and beverage options and club access. However, keep in mind that the very best courtside view is always from the center court.  

Center-Court Seats 

Piggybacking off the point above, even if you’re not sitting directly courtside, center-court seats will still provide you with the most expansive view of the game. Often, the lower/medium level will offer great views while still being relatively affordable. Some might even prefer going higher up for a more birds-eye view of the action, so you don’t miss even the slightest moment. 

Lower Level Corner Seating 

Another ideal seating area is in the corner on the lower levels, as this gets you up and close to the basket, free throw, and three-point zone. It often provides the feeling and excitement of sitting in the center court without the price point that comes with paying for premium seating. Additionally, there are no obstructions to your view of the basket.

Behind the Basket 

Getting up close and personal with players while they slam and swish for points can be a truly unique experience, and for some, the very best. Sitting behind the basket in the arena is so popular because you can watch plays develop from the backcourt. However, try to sit high enough up so your view is unobstructed by the basket. 

Club Seating 

Arguably some of the best seats, or at least the most luxurious ones in the arena, club seating offers perks, private boxes, and exclusive access to some of the more unique offerings of a true NBA experience. Many club seating packages come with first-class complimentary food and drinks, items not featured on the normal menu, superior catering, and an elegant, in-house experience while still being surrounded by fans of your favorite teams. 

Contact us for NBA trips for groups, exclusive tour packages, and more! 

Whether you want to sit at the center court or in your own private box, NBATrips can make your dream come true. Contact us online today for a once-in-a-lifetime basketball experience! 


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